Owner and founder of Women Walk Taller.

She's been in a leadership role with a top 5 Global Beauty Brand for over 15 Years


Nadine Jamison

Teaching MUA

Motivational Speaker

"I've been part of the cosmetics industry for nearly 20 years, something I hear a lot is that women wish they knew more about how to apply their make up with out feeling overwhelmed."

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What if you could increase your confidence by mastering your makeup routine?

What if you had an expert to teach you 1 on 1 how to select and apply products that are best suited for your features and tailored to your lifestyle?

How would increasing your confidence in this one area impact those days you know it matters to look and feel at the top of your game?

"I believe that when you impact a woman's confidence you send a ripple effect in to the world around her."

Are you ready to empower yourself and take your look to the


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What can I expect in my skill building lesson? first we chat to assess how I can help with your specific needs... and here are my initial offerings

Makeup 101- The Basics ($75)

-foundation matching

-brow shaping and definition

-color placement, one look

Makeup 101+ - The Little Extra ($125)

All of the above...plus

-day to night look

-all the right tools

*this includes a selection of 5 brushes

Makeup 102 - ($175)

All the above...plus

-product credit

-follow up call

What else?

Special Occasion Makeup

*on site

Empowerment Workshops

Speaking engagements

*empowerment/ confidence building

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